Agnorant in America

GOP debate

“Agnorant.” I love this word because it so completely encapsulates the essence of what it means to be a Republican today:  That special combination of arrogance and ignorance that stands behind everything from American Exceptionalism to Snooky and The Situation. That way of plowing straight ahead through life with perfect conviction that you are always right in the face of constant proof that you are utterly wrong.

Agnorance: Perfect composure as you offer your opinion on something you know nothing about.  Perfect faith that you know what is right for everyone and damn it, there should be a law.   Perfect confidence in your own genius, which only you can see.  Perfect blindness with regard to your own faults, mistakes, and history.  Perfect command of the three facts that you know.

Every Republican on stage at a debate stands there as an icon of agnorance.  Their histories hold only heroic deeds and good intentions; they forgive themselves their own mistakes without even acknowledging their occurrence.   They all know what is best for America despite the fact that none of them knows that people didn’t coexist with dinosaurs.

They bought themselves a reality show to satisfy their narcissism; does that make us voyeurs?

I feel dirty, America.

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