Podcast 02: On Abortion and Birth Control

human development

Fetal development from 0 – 8 weeks.

Why not dive right in? In the second podcast, I discuss birth control and abortion from an anthropological perspective.  Every young woman should listen to this, regardless of her position on the matter.

2 thoughts on “Podcast 02: On Abortion and Birth Control

  1. Rebecca

    you tend to act as if human beings are not responsible for what they consensually participate in or allow to happen to their body. two examples i can give would be an extreme on one end, as in purposely participating in a murder, and the other end, such as purposely eating unhealthy and having that result in you being fat, which you didn’t want to be. i just think if you know up front that you do not want to get pregnant, well, let’s face it. we all know condoms alone are not 100% affective. i do believe in free birth control, as that creates as little of the damn problem as possible; and again, i REALIZE the need for abortion in our society and that even if you use a condom and the pill, shit happens. i do not want abortions GONE from society.

    but what i don’t understand is when you don’t have a “mostly permanent” birth control method (either the pill, the ring, patch, etc) you still…knowingly choose to, forgive me for lack of a better term, have penile-vaginal intercourse? it just seems like you’re knowingly setting yourself up for potential problems there.

    i also absolutely loathe the assumption that it’s always the men who are the problem. consensual heterosexual sex happens between two people; and one of them is a woman.

    i do not want abortion gone from society; but i deeply hope and try to strive for a future that educates people so we will not need to resort to abortion as often. i think that is honestly not only the best of both views, but also the right frame of mind to have because we have to accept that we are dealing with a life that is a human life, and some simple preventatives can solve the “pro life or pro choice” issue easily.

    1. The Anonymous Anthropologist Post author

      My only argument is that men free themselves from economic responsibility, and often parenting, in a way that women generally cannot. If a man walks away from his child, there is little social consequence. You cannot say the same thing for women. If men were the ones who got pregnant, abortions would be free with a fill-up at the gas station.


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