Who am I?

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I’m a lefty, liberal, secular, progressive anthropologist who teaches at a community college. I have long been concerned about the loss of my freedom of speech – particularly with regard to anything that might be construed as political – as a consequence of my employment. Therefore the blog began as an anonymous outlet for the passion of my political opinions. It threatens now to become something very different. We’ll see.

You can learn more about me at lwhasten.com

4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. alinda

    Dear AA, I just found you and have loved listening to your podcasts…please tell me they are going to continue…pleeeeeeeeez. All the best,

  2. Mathieu


    I have listened to your podcasts recently after discovering them a few months ago. I must say you bring up some great information and discussion points. I entered university this year(after working as a machinist for 6 years) where I experienced much discrimination and also simply overheard conversations that were quite offensive during my time in the shops. One of my classes is Women & Gender studies which I am finding fascinating, which is also done in a Canadian context(I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

    I just wanted to share my interest in your podcast, and hope to hear more.



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