While the blog is largely current events-focused, the podcast offers me an opportunity to talk about the science and teaching of anthropology, among other things, in a less restrictive environment than my community college classroom.  I have no idea yet of how or whom I might offend, but I imagine it’s inevitable. Apologies up front!  Credits: “Wave the Flag,” and “Big Brooklyn Sky” courtesy of Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers; “Centuries” courtesy of Lotus Dog.

Podcast 18 – The Truth about Islam. Based on the 14 years of experience that I have working with Muslim students on campus, I have come to see Islam as a faith like any other. It’s sad and unjust that Americans are conditioned to respond to it as something utterly different. Hijab, in particular, is profoundly misunderstood.

Podcast 17 – A Transgender FAQ for Non-Trans People. Wherein I answer the first four questions that people are likely to ask when they find out that someone is transgender. I even bring up “the surgery.”

Podcast 16 – The Transgender Anthropologist. After an absence of more than two years, I have returned to the podcast. This first new episode discusses my recent coming out as transgender and the topic of gender dysphoria.  

Podcast 15 – What is Government For? This episode looks at the role of government from an anthropological perspective, across cultures and throughout time.  Needless to say, it’s to DO STUFF.

Podcast 14 – What is Culture? While central to the definition of humanity, “culture” itself is notoriously difficult to define. Inspired by a listener question, this podcast covers the rationale for its application to humans alone among all animals.

Podcast 13 – DNA and the Inheritance of Traits.  In this episode, I lay the groundwork for later discussions about “race,” sexuality, and a whole host of other topics by explaining the basics of genetic inheritance. In other words, I tell you why your science teacher was wrong when he told you that brown eyes are dominant and blue eyes are recessive.

Podcast 12 – Homosexuality Isn’t a Choice, It’s an Option!  This episode explains the origin of the term “homosexual” and attempts to place it in historical and cultural context. As it discusses sex and sexuality, it is not safe for work (NSFW) and not appropriate for children.

Podcast 11 – Guns.  In the wake of the Connecticut school shooting on December 14, 2012, it was impossible to talk about anything else. Why do Americans love their guns so much? And why do they shoot them in schools?

Podcast 10 – Why Gender?  While sex is determined by biology, gender is constructed by culture and differs, as such, from place to place. Why then do we have it in the first place?

Podcast 09 – Let’s Talk About Intersex, part two.  Picking up where the previous podcast left off, this episode discusses the effects of having one too many or one too few sex chromosomes.

Podcast 08 – Let’s Talk About Intersex, part one.  This episode explains how the human fetus becomes male or female or, more often than you might think, someone somewhere on the margin between the two.

Podcast 07 – Let’s Talk About the Weather.  This episode is posted in tribute to the victims of hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, and all those who are dealing with extreme weather events throughout the US.

Podcast 06 – The ExMo Files, part two.  This episode completes the interview I did with an ex-Mormon friend and his wife. We discuss the political and missionary activities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, as well as the impact that Mitt Romney’s faith might have on his performance as President.

Podcast 05 – The ExMo Files, part one.  This episode showcases the first half of an interview I did with an ex-Mormon friend of mine and his wife. They define the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as a cult, then go on to explain the origin of the Book of Mormon and a good deal of Mormon theology.

Podcast 04 – Survival of the Fittest and Social Darwinism.  This episode tackles the mistaken notion of “survival of the fittest” and its relationship to Social Darwinism, which eventually winds its way toward Ayn Rand and today’s libertarian GOP.

Podcast 03 – Charles Darwin and Evolution. Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection was no surprise to scientists of the day; many of them were men of faith who saw evolution as divine action. It is, however, wildly inaccurate to sum it all up as “survival of the fittest,” despite the fact that so many professionals do.  Here’s a link mentioned in the podcast: Animal Attack! Baby Sea Turtles 

Podcast 02 – Birth Control and Abortion.  Why not dive right in? In the second podcast, I discuss birth control and abortion from an anthropological perspective.  Every young woman should listen to this, regardless of her position on the matter.

Podcast 01 – Introduction.  In this first episode, I explain the purpose of the podcast and its point of view. I talk about the anthropological perspective and go on to discuss the relationship between science and religion.


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